Meet  Toni  Himes...

Toni. A tenacious individual with the ability to ride the line between the overt and enigmatical in a way that, some might say, both inexplicably and masterfully avoids being contradictory or paradoxical in nature. Some may tell you she's a card and they're right. Which card, you may ask? Well she's the card up the sleeve of a man with the words "creativity, change, and renaissance" reflected in his sunglasses. Some may say she's an artist, and she is to be sure, but she's also a record keeper. A historian. A dreamer. An architect. A believer in beauty just recording the footsteps of a movement and a new way of seeing. She's a seeker of truths and a creator of life. Keep an eye out for that deck of 51 cards lying on the ground. The free one is probably close at hand, floating in the breeze. She may be out seeking truth and creating life in a town near you.


 The breeze picks up and sounds some lonely chimes.

 Music in silence, pleased to meet you Toni Himes.

 Growing in perception unhindered by roots.

 Seeking out beauty and calling all truths.

 That crack in the pavement. That light in the dark.

 The first words on a page. That child in the park.

 A girl sits by the tracks thinking she can fly.

 And she does every time one of those canvases roll by.

 She sees a phrase, a name, a call from a friend she doesn't know.

 Glimpses a kindred spirit and watches as they go.

 The winds of potential are about her now and it's all that she can see.

 All art is present in life and that knowledge makes her free.

 Tides of change wash her away from this transient beach.

 She is carried to all the faraway places and lands that beckon for her reach.

 Walking into the unknown while most people won't go near it.

 Embracing what is different when most can only fear it.

 There is a world that needs to be recorded but it's hidden out of sight.

 She creates with real perspective and walks in the waning light.”


Bio written by: Marlies Kever