Meet Julia Reyes...

Julia Reyes is a multimedia artist currently based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where she serves as an educator for the Ohr- O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi. In 2010, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mississippi State University, with an emphasis in painting. Reyes continues to stay active in the arts community by having exhibits that involve mixed media installations and interactive environments which relate to her paintings.


Recently, Reyes received a Visual Arts Fellowship grant through the Mississippi Arts Commission that will assist her in upcoming projects. Though Reyes’ background is primarily in painting, she is often led to using less traditional materials that allow her to extend the concepts in her paintings into a more three-dimensional manner. Julia considers making art a lot like life: a constant playful and intuitive battle. While she aims to portray the human experience by playing on the context of objects, all of her work possesses the evidence of its own evolution. This creates a direct relationship between the content of her work and the actual act of making it.