Meet Gretchen David...

Gretchen David is principal, creative director, artist and consultant of Gretchen David Design Studio, which is a boutique advertising and design studio established in 2006 in the heart of Biloxi, Miss. She has spent her entire life immersed in the world of art and visual communication, and has dual degrees in Fine Art and Advertising Design. Gretchen has been blessed to have the opportunity to experience an array of creative contributions and collaborations throughout the years. She provides work for individuals, clients and agencies seeking advertising design or commission art, embraces multiple audience interests, and champions all areas of talent and skilled training, both digital and fine art alike.


In addition, to her recent contribution to the exciting collaboration of “Art Can Change Everything” to the downtown Biloxi, Kress Project, her work can be ogled in diverse locales along the coast. Downtown Biloxi’s Bancorp South Historic “Dukate” room, Gulfport’s “Vintage Station” Wine Bar, Lavish Salon and Gallery Go-Go are a few of the exclusive venues you can get a glimpse. And if you are from out of town or a local that has yet to visit the wondrous Frank Gehry designed Ohr O’keefe Museum for a tour, stop by the museum store and check out her work along with other gifted fellow artists in the “The d’Ohrs of Ohr Project”, a book published that showcases the contributed talent commemorating the opening of the museum.


She remains actively involved with multiple organizations to support her community, and recently was recognized as one of South Mississippi's “Top Ten Business Leaders Under 40.” Gretchen also has a repertoire of award-winning accolades for her design expertise that span from local to international realms. Many are unaware she is a huge skateboard fanatic and she covets recognition as the International Design Winner for her work with professional skateboarder, World Cup Champion and MTV reality star Ryan Sheckler.


Gretchen is passionate about almost everything. She has never been faulted for having little to do or having a lack of desire to give, and if you do know her, then you know her work conveys that same energy. She is a hugger and a people lover, and her art takes no back seat. She recently discovered on her creative journey that her work often takes a mind-bending self-exploration path with an unusual use of abstract expressionistic style (an emphasis on spontaneous, automatic or subconscious creation). Almost always, each piece manifests multi-level auras (a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object) that are often revealed as a raw portrayal of passion, honesty and madness one feels and connects with in mind, body and soul as they become one with the creation.


Misunderstood or appreciated? Disturbed, enlightened or inspired? She allows herself to experience it all and she asks you to do the same. As through her art, she always desires to risk, to wander and embrace the journey. Many times her work often gifts a poetic chaos of imagery, visages, sensuality, depth and humor that provokes the imagination and inspires to want more.