Meet Diana Odom...

The camera is the least important element in photography.”

-Julius Shulman


Diana combines her love of places and eye for detail as a photographer who can capture life as it happens and as she sees it.  She enjoys all kinds of photography, but but don't be surprised if 90% of her travel photography comes from Disney Parks.


When not writing about herself in the third person, Diana likes to run half marathons, pretend like she's a DIY goddess, and spend way too much time dancing in the car. She makes an awesome Thanksgiving turkey and thanks to her graphic designer husband, really hates most fonts.


As for her photography, she enjoys capturing genuine moments of life with her subjects, whether they be furry, friendly faces, families or all of the above.  She is passionate about creating quality images that reflect the beauty and joy of life.  She has also learned that carrying a camera at all times provides a lot of creative material (thank you french-fry-eating-squirrel).


Diana loves animals and photographs her own dog and 2 cats more than a normal person should. She lives in Ocean Springs with her husband and dreams of moving into Cinderella Castle one day soon.  If this bio is all you ever know about her, it covers the bases well, but you really should give her a call.  She is ready to bring her creativity and passion to your project, don't worry, her camera is ready.