Meet David Shannon...

I was born a military brat in Olongapo, P.I. and lived there for most of my early childhood.  I had high aspirations as a child and would illustrate myself as a myriad of careerperson architypes(archeologist, astronaut, superheroic crimefighter, etc.), realizing later that I was already doing what I wanted to do in life.


After we moved to the states, we didn't stay in one place for very long.  I never really felt grounded and ended up choosing to observe social behaviors rather than making friends.  Most of the cities we moved to, however, had an open acceptance to art that I remember having always admired.


I am a mixed media illustrator and street artist.  Social behaviors and human interactions are the foundations on which my influences are built and the things that drive me to create.  Unfortunately, lately, I've had to put my art on the backburner.  I feel adamantly that this contemporary arts community will put a stop a stop to that.