Meet Cali Rob...

I was Inspired as a young lad growing up in the streets of Modesto, California. My Hispanic roots really drove my art as I would sit and draw low-rider cars and trucks, and Hispanic/Chicano inspired art and characters in elementary school. As I developed it, I became more interested in characters, drawing cartoons and portraits. As I grew I took a real fascination with the train cars that would run down the tracks across the street from my house and the art work that adorned them and in junior high/high school taking more of an interest in graffiti art/ street art.


My education includes being enrolled in art courses in every grade of schooling from elementary to college. In college I received my degree in Graphic Design where I worked for a few jobs out of school including screen printing shops and print shops, but later gave that up to be a freelance artist as I am today.


My motivation is myself. My family. My children. The drive to spread Art as if it were a movement of something greater; to want others to see the world and life as I see it... Art. Beautiful. Everything is a canvas and we are the creators.


My piece on the Kress: Gulf Coast Blend. A mixture of art, sea life, and music. All the things that define the coast.